Tuesday, 21 July 2009

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You would think that I would learn to leave well enough alone when it comes to technology... But I NEVER EVER DO.

No, no, everything's fine. I don't think I've updated here mentioning that I purchased a new computer? Technically a new-to-me-but-slightly-old computer as it's refurbished. My old one has been dying a slow, painful death for about three months now and last week when it told me (very politely) that it no longer recognized it's power adaptor, I decided it was time.

New computer (I'm calling her Romana) is pink and shiny and about 4 times better/faster than the old computer. I've spent a good part of the past five days setting her up. I decided to go with the newest Ubuntu (9.04) for my Operating System which is as shiny as the computer. It's a good match, but I had no idea how much free software I'd installed until I tried starting it all over again.

But anyway, the point of this post, today's self-inflicted technology trauma/drama involved experimenting with Live USB Drives and UNetBootin and Scripts and Sugar On A Stick (SOAS), the stick in this case being a flash drive. And initially it all DIDN'T WORK and that was a bit scary. But, I prevailed (cause I am very, very stubborn and just a bit crazy) and I have now given Sugar On A Stick a try.

Sugar On A Stick is related to the One-Laptop-Per-Child project. (You can read more about SOAS and OLPC if you're interested.)

I don't think SOAS would properly be described as Operating System, but it's like an OS plus software all together -- and all on a flash drive. It's made to be very kid-friendly and learning community-friendly. It has a pretty cool Journal program, that is a bit like Word, but so much sleeker -- the menus are mostly pictures (words if you hover over them) and it's just fun to look at. Plus, I love the portability of having all the software I need right on a Flash Drive -- and you can save to it too!

So I'm curious... Has anybody on my flist given SOAS a try? I'm very interested in hearing what either people think about it or how you've been using it. It seems like a cool idea (I may try to get involved with the testing, after I've read the manual) and just wondered if other people had thoughts on it!

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