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My internet connection died late last week so while I'm terribly behind on flist, I've made great progress on the (Re)Watch. Actually, this time round, it's just a Classic Who Watch, because I'm new to all of these serials! Just remember, there are spoilers under the cuts, if you consider info on shows that aired 40+ years ago to be spoilers.

First up...

The Crusade

I liked this serial. I don't think it will ever be a favorite of mine and I don't think I'd watch it again, but I liked it. The costumes were fun and they actually choreographed the fight scenes, which is always a plus in my book. ;-)

Favorite moments:
∗ Crossdressing!Vicki and Lady!Vicki.
∗ When Ian is knighted and he is told to "Arise and be valiant." :-) (Though, at one point I certainly lamented Ian's skills as a knight... Seriously, sleeping on the job and then getting captured? *sighs* Oh, Ian.)

Favorite lines:
∗ Joanna, regarding The Doctor: "There is something new in you, yet older than the sky itself."

Random musings:
∗ One can suck-up liek whoa. There are a couple regenerations who I can't imagine actually pulling this off successfully.
∗ One's raging against war felt like it was supposed to be a big moment... but it really fell flat for me... Anybody else?
∗ There seemed to be a lot of stealing in this serial, which struck me as being a bit odd for a family show. Plus, why are they stealing clothes, when there's a wardrobe on the TARDIS? (Or, is this how the TARDIS became so well stocked?)
∗ Barbara is going to entertain Saladin's court with Shakespeare and One tells Richard some version of the future... Is it just me or do a few members of Team!TARDIS need to hear the "no interfering" lecture again?

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: 1. The knights' expressions in the final scene, where Team!TARDIS enters the TARDIS right in front of the them and it dematerializes, were hilarious (and best described as o_0). And then their final line: “We will not speak of this.”

Number of times I wanted to take over for the writer: 1. When Ian is asked if his enthusiasm is due to his "love of peace or love of [his] companion"... AND THEN THERE WAS NO ANSWER!! It was his love of Barbara, obviously. ;-)

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 2. A big, big ♥ went to the chat between One and Vicki, when Vicki's concerned that he wants to drop her off... And then One cuddles her and taps her on the nose. SO ADORABLE. In that moment, I could actually see One as a parent. Also, a ♥ went to Barbara's impassioned "Life is better than this!" speech.

The Space Museum

I liked three-fourths of this serial. Episode 1 just didn't quite work for me, but overall I liked it. My final thought for this serial... Does anyone know of any Tor/Vicki fic? Cause they were *too* *cute* together.

Favorite moments:
∗ Just because it reminded me of The Long Game, I really enjoyed the Dalek on display in the Space Museum. Also, nice foreshadowing for the next serial.
∗ Ian, Barbara, and the cardigan. Great moment.
∗ I've never felt very attached to Ian. But Ian, holding a soldier hostage, at gun-point, to rescue The Doctor...? I like this Ian. He's like Action!Ian.
∗ Barbara, in Ep. 4, when she hauls the one rebel boy out of the gas-filled museum. I capslock!cheered at this point, because I'd been hoping she'd do *exactly* *that* during the previous Episode.

Favorite lines:
∗ Doctor, making suggestion to the Governor on museum attendance: “Perhaps if you reduced the price of admission.” (The delivery was perfect and very amusing.)

Random musings:
∗ The rebels have TERRIBLE plans. Let's capture one member of Team!TARDIS and thereby meet the others? How could that possibly be a good idea? (No wonder the politicians/military don't take the rebels seriously.)
∗ I'm still not sure why the Governor wanted Team!TARDIS for the museum...
∗ What is up with the music for this episode?

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: 3. I was highly amused by this exchange between Ian and One -- Ian (in amazement that their clothing has miraculously changed from 12-century dress to modern attire): "Doctor, we've got our clothes on...!" Doctor: "Well I should hope so, my dear boy." Plus, One was pretty amusing with his mad fighting skills and when he tricked the mind-reading machine.

Number of times I said OMG during this serial: 2. First, when The Doctor hidden inside a Dalek says (I think he said, my video's audio is a bit fuzzy): “I fought them off. I am the Master.” Then again, when the military was trying to, like, drill into the TARDIS. I get very upset when someone is trying to hurt the TARDIS.

Number of times I wanted to take over for the writer: 1. When Barbara and Ian have a lovers spat... Clearly they needed to kiss and make up in the following scene. (I always want to take over for the writer when it involves people that I ship.)

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: OH, SO MANY. Mostly the ♥s went to Vicki: her perfect expression when she thinks in Ep. 1 that she's been seen (on the line “That one looked right at me!”), for having drinks with the rebel boys, for inspiring a revolution, for being brainy and figuring out how to get weapons, for being so cute with the rebel Tor, and just cause she's adorable. A &heart; also went to Ian and One, when Ian rescues The Doctor and One leans on him and says ”Support me, dear boy.”

The Chase

I began this serial fully prepared to dislike it immensely (mostly because it would mean the end of Barbara and Ian, but also because the BBC Classic Who Episode Guide made me a bit nervous describing it as "A madcap chase through time and space with the Daleks.") however, I found that I really enjoyed it. The serial had a lot of random things that I like in my episodes: great connections to historic/legendary events, connections to New Who (I loved the Empire State Building bit), and wonderful Doctor-Companion interactions (even though they broke my heart by the end).

Favorite moments:
∗ Barbara and One sunbathing and then again with One napping by Babs and Vicki. (Why do they make me love the companions more before taking them away?)
∗ I'm a sucker for stories that insert The Doctor/companions into historical events/legends, so I loved the Mary Celeste bit.
∗ DALEK OVERBOARD. (Also, Daleks vs. Frankenstein... Great old school horror film, y/y?)
∗ When it comes down to fighting the Daleks and a companion (I think it was Ian) randomly throws out the idea that the Daleks might not yet know that Robot!Doctor was toast and that One could fool them, I love that the Doctor thought it was a good enough plan to give it a try -- despite its improbability and Barbara's protestations -- to try to protect them.
∗ The whole end, even though it made me so sad. I loved their mini-celebration about being successful against the Daleks. (Particularly, One joyfully claiming he could kiss Ian!) I thought Barbara had a lovely speech and that Vicki -- even though I'm sure she'll miss them too -- was such a good girl to try and persuade the Doctor to help them get home. I loved once Barbara and Ian made it home, clearly enjoying being back at home and being so cute together. I even loved it when One BROKE MY HEART, with his simple “I shall miss them.” My appreciation for William Hartnell grew considerably in that moment.

Favorite lines:
∗ Doctor: "Where's your spirit of adventure?" Ian: "It died a slow and painful death when those bats came out of the rafters."
∗ (I loved the delivery of this exchange!) Barbara: "I feel as though my hair's turned white." Vicki: "It has as a matter of fact..." Barbara: "WHAT?!" Vicki: "It's all right though, it quite suits you."

Random musings:
∗ As in the last serial, what is up with this music?
∗ I liked all of the scenes from history that the companions chose... But I was surprised that Ian chose The Gettysburg Address. Good moment to chose, just... surprising.
∗ The Doctor tells Barbara to rest and get some sleep... Then promptly *projects* his next lines... And this is conducive to sleep how? I forgive One though, since he's then so sweet waking her up.
∗ What do you make of this line... Doctor: "I never stay where I'm not wanted." Something relating to backstory? Or just a plain old line?
∗ Companions not getting on board the TARDIS distress me a great deal. I was very worried about poor Vicki!
∗ My initial thoughts on Steven Taylor... He abandons the companions and goes back for THE MASCOT??! (Do we really want this man onboard?)

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: MANY times. The quite clearly foam bricks that Barbara falls into amused me to no end. Also, Barbara's expression when Ian suggests they make use of her cardigan again. Plus, Ian, when trying to get the attention of the Daleks -- Ian: ”WOOHOO, DALEKS!!” Then, pretty much all of Ep. 4, with the bats, and the skeleton, and Frankenstein... (It was getting a bit old when Dracula showed up though.)

Number of times I wanted to take over for the director: 2. Again, this all relates to me shipping Barbara and Ian -- here's one of two examples... After Ian saves Barbara from Robot!Doctor my notes read: NOW, HUG OR SOMETHING!! PLZ!! (Yes, in capslock.)

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 4+. Ian got a ♥ for being resilient!! The Doctor and Ian strategizing also got a ♥. I loved how much Barbara loved sailing and, though I wanted Barbara to punch her captor on the ship, Vicki bashing him over the head worked just as well for me, so ♥ all around. And then there were just general ♥s for the end of the serial.

Over the course of these three serials, I find myself falling more in love with Vicki. She's just great as a companion. She's perfectly sweet with One, sweet enough that he can't be angry or grumpy with her. She's from the future, so it's okay for her to be smart. She's brave (unless heights are involved and then, I really can't blame her) and loves exploring. She's not perfect, but she's utterly lovely.

Does anyone have any Vicki fic recs? I'll check [community profile] calufrax but just wondered if anyone had any they particularly enjoyed. I'm woefully behind on reading, but I'd like to see more of her!

Next up (and one that I'm really looking forward to) The Time Meddler. This is of course, after watching Torchwood (so excited!!!) all this week.


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