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Thoughts on three more serials, shorter this time, cause they were shorter serials! ;-)

I have a new favorite story!! The Time Meddler!! If you haven't seen it, you simply *must.* And if you plan to see it, I'd advise skipping the first cut below, because half the fun of the serial was in not knowing what was coming up. I'm a fan of (relatively) spoiler-free Classic Who!

Also, I was having a terrible time listening/watching with the reconstructions so I managed to find the scripts online. Not sure if everyone else is familiar with the Doctor Who Scripts Project for lost serials, but I found it very handy. (That page seems to be bizarrely materializing and dematerializing, so I also grabbed the main page for DW Scripts via the web archive.)

First up...

The Time Meddler Did I mention it was a new favorite-favorite of mine? Cause it totally is!!

I loved/hated The Monk, often times both within a matter of seconds. He just plays willy-nilly with history and time! He told Leonardo about flying! He's sort of jolly and devious, all at once!

I hope he turns up sometime in New Who. After having taken the really, really long path, I bet whatever revenge he's been planning since 1066, it's got to be good.

The Monk wasn't the only thing going for this serial though. Here are some other moments of love:

Favorite moments:
∗ The entire opening exchange between One and Vicki. While the cuddling between them continues to be adorable, my favorite part about this scene was One's genuine concern if Vicki really, truly wanted to stay. I sometimes think that The Doctor is an odd combination of complete selflessness on big, grand things, but quite self-involved when it comes to the people closest to him. This made for a sweet moment, when he seemed very concerned for the feelings of his companion. And, of course, Vicki's response made the scene even better: "I made my decision; I wanted to stay." Such a lovely moment.
∗ When The Monk checks his wrist for his watch. It's such a subtle gesture, almost a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but so effective in telling the viewer that things are a little off in this 1066.

Favorite lines:
∗ Doctor: "Don't call me Doc."
∗ Doctor: “ ...That is a chair with a panda on it, sheer poetry!”

Random musings:
∗ When The Monk and The Doctor discuss the merits of the Mark IV TARDIS, was anyone else reminded of a New Who moment with references to boys and toys and sports cars? ;-)
∗ When The Monk comments that he's getting too old for this -- anybody else wonder how old he is? (Especially in relation to The Doctor?)

NEW CATEGORY! Number of times I feared for the TARDIS: 1. (This happens at least once a serial, so I thougt it warranted it's own category.) In the first episode, I was very concerned by The Monk's interest in the TARDIS. I thought he might try to steal her! Little did I know...

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: 3. When Vicki and One think a dalek is onboard -- and are prepared to stop it with a shoe and a jacket? (Like, really? A shoe will stop a dalek?) Also, Viking helmet -- or SPACE HELMET FOR A COW? Also-also, pretty much any time the "Vikings" were onscreen.

Number of times I said OMG during this serial: 2. First, when The Monk's mode of transportation is revealed, my notes read "OMG. IT'S A TARDIS!!!" then later, after One has sorted out a solution, my notes read "OMG. Tiny TARDIS."

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 2. All the ♥ go to the combination of Vicki and Stephen this week. I loved when Vicki tried talking some sense into Steven and also when Steven offered her blackberries... or blackberries! Cuteness!

Galaxy 4 was... okay. I think it would have made for an excellent family show, however it didn't really capture my attention. My notes read: "Boy this ep. is moralizing: appearances are deceiving; don't judge on looks, but look to character and intelligence; etc." It's a very nice moral for a story... it was just a bit heavy-handed for my taste. Plus, I wasn't so sure about the ending of the story. We had just gone through all four episodes leading up to the moral of the story... and then the "good" guys still leave the Drahvins to die? I suppose the Drahvins had refused such help, but, IDK, it seemed a bit off-message for me.

Also, Maaga freaked me out more than just a little bit... After watching Torchwood the previous week, I initially equated her with CoE's Johnson, but by the end of Galaxy 4 I came to the conclusion that Maaga made Johnson look like a cuddly Care Bear.

Favorite moments:
∗ The surviving footage!
∗ One, watching the Chumblies as a scientist. And then Vicki, taking his advice and using it!
∗ One's brief commentary on the topic of running: "I think I can drag my aged limbs in some sort of semblance of a run!" ;-) Oh, Doctor... the times to come.
∗ I absolutely adored the moment when, talking with the Rills, Vicki comes to the conclusion that this is a chance encounter, most likely never to be repeated, and bids them goodbye. It was sweet and thoughtful and perfectly Vicki.

Favorite lines:
∗ Doctor: ”In the first place, madam, I never kill anything!”
∗ Vicki, re: a small, inactive Chumbly: “Do you think it's a baby one?”

Random musings:
∗ Is it just me or are Chumblies an attempt to create a cuddlier Dalek?

Number of times I feared for the TARDIS: 1. When the Chumblies tried to bomb her/blow her up/something.

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: 2. When the Chumblies "helped" each other escape the metal mesh/netting stuff. Also, just at the fantastic telesnap of the Dharvins with guns -- it amused me for some reason.

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 2. All ♥ go to Vicki again, for being so brave (when volunteering to stay with the Drahvins and when trapped with the Rills) and for being so sweet.

Mission to the Unknown I wasn't really sure what to expect (or what I expected) before I started watching Mission to the Unknown. I had a general idea and, based on that vague knowledge, I sort-of assumed it would be a Doctor-lite episode from before Doctor-lite episodes were cool. So, with that in mind, I was completely unprepared for how much I LOVED this serial!

I can't really comment on favorite moments or favorite lines, because it was a more of a general respect for the episode. I thought the story was very effective as a set-up for the upcoming Dalek story. (Or, at least as effective as I can assume it was, based on the fact that I haven't seen yet.) It was suspenseful and about as dark as I ever wanted my Doctor Who stories to be. (What can I say? I'm mostly all about fluff.) The Daleks were perfectly ruthless, I loved the concept that people were out hunting for them, and I desperately want to know how the whole "Great Alliance of Seven Galaxies" is going to play out... (This can't be a good idea, right? I mean, come on... an alliance with the Daleks?) Oh, and I really want to know -- but don't tell me! -- if Cory's message really wasn't sent...

Also, does anyone know of any fic that picks up where The Time Meddler leaves off? I'd love to see Monk fic!
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