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2020-01-03 10:03 am

Friends Only!

Fellow LJ-users are welcome to friend this journal and can comment on this post to be added. However...

Please Read the Friending Policy First! )

If you're here looking for icons and journal layouts, then my design journal, [ profile] stelladesigns, is the one you actually want to friend!

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2020-01-03 10:03 am

Friends Only!

Fellow LJ-users are welcome to friend this journal and can comment on this post to be added. However...

Please Read the Friending Policy First! )

If you're here looking for icons and journal layouts, then my design journal, [ profile] stelladesigns, is the one you actually want to friend!

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2012-06-05 09:15 am

And another test post!

Bold dummy text...
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It's Blockquote and Fake-Cut Time )

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  • This list

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  • This list is just a test.
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2012-06-01 03:05 pm
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Test Post for Layout Design

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2011-04-09 03:14 am

From Twitter 04-08-2011

  • 13:04:46: Wow, that was an exciting computer error message -- it didn't just fail, it failed *catastrophically." Now if I could just fix it... hmm...
  • 20:59:36: Trying to decide what to watch... Castle or Classic Doctor Who... decisions, decisions...

Tweets copied by

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2009-08-18 01:49 pm

Classic Who (Re)Watch, Volume 4 (Plus an Audio Story Cut-Away)

Ugh, I have been woefully ill with a summertime head cold this past week. Which (looking on the bright side) gave me plenty of time to curl up and watch Classic Who! I'm finally feeling better (no sneezing! no sore throat! yay!) and am thinking clearly enough again to put together my thoughts on the past two serials that I watched, plus a couple of audio stories as well.

The Myth Makers )

The Daleks' Master Plan )

And, since I've now finished Vicki's (and Katarina's... and Sara's...) run as companion, it seemed like a fitting time to listen to her Companion Chronicle. I listen while I'm driving, so, without notes, I just have a few thoughts on...
Frostfire )

And then, a brief cut-away from Classic Who, to a couple thoughts on a Sarah Jane Adventure's audio book...
The Time Capsule )

I feel like I've accomplished something, having finished all of Vicki's time as a member of Team!TARDIS. My next big hurtle will be to make it to One's regeneration. There are many things to look forward to on the way there... (Properly meeting Dodo! Ben & Polly! Yay!)
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2009-07-21 04:46 pm

Technology Is Shiny -- Sugar On A Stick

You would think that I would learn to leave well enough alone when it comes to technology... But I NEVER EVER DO.

No, no, everything's fine. I don't think I've updated here mentioning that I purchased a new computer? Technically a new-to-me-but-slightly-old computer as it's refurbished. My old one has been dying a slow, painful death for about three months now and last week when it told me (very politely) that it no longer recognized it's power adaptor, I decided it was time.

New computer (I'm calling her Romana) is pink and shiny and about 4 times better/faster than the old computer. I've spent a good part of the past five days setting her up. I decided to go with the newest Ubuntu (9.04) for my Operating System which is as shiny as the computer. It's a good match, but I had no idea how much free software I'd installed until I tried starting it all over again.

But anyway, the point of this post, today's self-inflicted technology trauma/drama involved experimenting with Live USB Drives and UNetBootin and Scripts and Sugar On A Stick (SOAS), the stick in this case being a flash drive. And initially it all DIDN'T WORK and that was a bit scary. But, I prevailed (cause I am very, very stubborn and just a bit crazy) and I have now given Sugar On A Stick a try.

Sugar On A Stick is related to the One-Laptop-Per-Child project. (You can read more about SOAS and OLPC if you're interested.)

I don't think SOAS would properly be described as Operating System, but it's like an OS plus software all together -- and all on a flash drive. It's made to be very kid-friendly and learning community-friendly. It has a pretty cool Journal program, that is a bit like Word, but so much sleeker -- the menus are mostly pictures (words if you hover over them) and it's just fun to look at. Plus, I love the portability of having all the software I need right on a Flash Drive -- and you can save to it too!

So I'm curious... Has anybody on my flist given SOAS a try? I'm very interested in hearing what either people think about it or how you've been using it. It seems like a cool idea (I may try to get involved with the testing, after I've read the manual) and just wondered if other people had thoughts on it!

[/technology ramble]
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2009-07-19 11:16 am

Classic Who (Re)Watch, Volume 3

Thoughts on three more serials, shorter this time, cause they were shorter serials! ;-)

I have a new favorite story!! The Time Meddler!! If you haven't seen it, you simply *must.* And if you plan to see it, I'd advise skipping the first cut below, because half the fun of the serial was in not knowing what was coming up. I'm a fan of (relatively) spoiler-free Classic Who!

Also, I was having a terrible time listening/watching with the reconstructions so I managed to find the scripts online. Not sure if everyone else is familiar with the Doctor Who Scripts Project for lost serials, but I found it very handy. (That page seems to be bizarrely materializing and dematerializing, so I also grabbed the main page for DW Scripts via the web archive.)

First up...

The Time Meddler )

Galaxy 4 )

Mission to the Unknown (Dalek Cutaway) )

Also, does anyone know of any fic that picks up where The Time Meddler leaves off? I'd love to see Monk fic!
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2009-07-08 09:17 am

Classic Who (Re)Watch, Volume 2

My internet connection died late last week so while I'm terribly behind on flist, I've made great progress on the (Re)Watch. Actually, this time round, it's just a Classic Who Watch, because I'm new to all of these serials! Just remember, there are spoilers under the cuts, if you consider info on shows that aired 40+ years ago to be spoilers.

First up...

The Crusade )

The Space Museum )

The Chase )

Over the course of these three serials, I find myself falling more in love with Vicki. She's just great as a companion. She's perfectly sweet with One, sweet enough that he can't be angry or grumpy with her. She's from the future, so it's okay for her to be smart. She's brave (unless heights are involved and then, I really can't blame her) and loves exploring. She's not perfect, but she's utterly lovely.

Does anyone have any Vicki fic recs? I'll check [community profile] calufrax but just wondered if anyone had any they particularly enjoyed. I'm woefully behind on reading, but I'd like to see more of her!

Next up (and one that I'm really looking forward to) The Time Meddler. This is of course, after watching Torchwood (so excited!!!) all this week.
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2009-06-17 09:45 am

I <3 my flist!

As seen on [ profile] amchara's journal...

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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2009-06-16 10:03 am

Classic Who (Re)Watch!

Earlier this summer I decided that I wanted to see more of Two's episodes. I'd seen most of Two/Jamie/Zoe (and, I ♥ them like, a lot), so I especially wanted to see more of Two and Jamie. And I wanted to see more of Victoria. And then I wanted to see more of Ben and Polly. And I wanted to see Dodo's eps. And the The Time Meddler. So, finally, I decided to start with Vicki's arrival and work my way into Two's serials.

I hope to make it from The Rescue through The War Games in the next three months. Some of the serials from those four-ish seasons I've seen previously, but some I'm watching for the first time.

I usually write/type up notes while I'm watching, so I thought I'd just post my reactions (in a sometimes statistical manner) here... Share the squee, right?

So far I've made it through the first three on my list...

The Rescue )

The Romans )

The Web Planet )

That's all for now... I've just started The Crusade (one episode in!) and am enjoying it so far!
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2009-05-19 11:00 pm
Entry tags:

Dreamwidth Layout #1: Tabula Rasa Plain: May Flowers

Name: May Flowers
Layout Style: Tabula Rasa Plain
Best View: 1024x768 and up
Browser(s) Compatible: Tested in Chrome1, Firefox3, IE8, & Safari on Windows XP and Firefox3 and Midori on Ubuntu Hardy.
Account Levels: Tested on a free journal, should work for all levels.
Notes: If you have any questions about the directions, please ask.
Credit: [personal profile] stellastars in user info, please.

Preview: Click image for full-size preview.

Pink Preview and Lavender Preview Behind Cut )

Live Previews:Peaches & Green, DW Pink, and Lavender Blossom.

Directions, CSS, and Images )

Please consider uploading the images to your own host. )
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2009-05-06 03:35 pm
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Under Construction!

Alright, so my main interest in dreamwidth is for another opportunity to play around with layout design. Don't be alarmed if you see colors, texts, images, etc. changing a lot over here in the next couple days. I'm just trying to sort out what's what and where!

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2009-02-28 02:50 pm

LJ Anniversary

  • Today marks my four-year anniversary on LJ. It's been a fun four years, spending it with all of you lovely people! I'm looking forward to the spending the next year with all of you, too! ♥

  • Also exciting, it is the end of February. February was a rough month, with work being crap, and being sick, and losing a pet, and on and on. I'm convinced March will be magically better. I can feel it.

  • Everyone should go visit (and comment on) the Gen Battle. There's a lot of great SPN and Torchwood fic over there. (And I wish I had more time to enjoy it right now!)

  • For anyone with an interest in Classic Who...

  • And now, I really must go get some work done for the day. Right after I catch up on a few comments... (Cause really, after procrastinating all morning, what's one more hour, right?)
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2009-02-02 07:34 pm

Poetry Meme

When you see this, post your favorite poem in your journal.

I don't read poetry that often. However, after this poem was quoted in an episode of Numb3rs I simply had to find it. Since then, it's always been a favorite of mine.

The Death-Bed by Siegfried Sassoon )
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2009-01-15 09:40 am

(no subject)

I'm making LJ a more visually stimulating place** —
find out how you can too!

**Provided I have enough time in the next month... We will see!