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Classic Who (Re)Watch!

Earlier this summer I decided that I wanted to see more of Two's episodes. I'd seen most of Two/Jamie/Zoe (and, I ♥ them like, a lot), so I especially wanted to see more of Two and Jamie. And I wanted to see more of Victoria. And then I wanted to see more of Ben and Polly. And I wanted to see Dodo's eps. And the The Time Meddler. So, finally, I decided to start with Vicki's arrival and work my way into Two's serials.

I hope to make it from The Rescue through The War Games in the next three months. Some of the serials from those four-ish seasons I've seen previously, but some I'm watching for the first time.

I usually write/type up notes while I'm watching, so I thought I'd just post my reactions (in a sometimes statistical manner) here... Share the squee, right?

So far I've made it through the first three on my list...

The Rescue While I'd seen The Romans before, I hadn't yet seen how Vicki came to be part team!TARDIS. I rather liked how they introduced her, slowly over the course of the serial, from her general optimistic nature to the exact year she is from. I found myself wondering about her age, particularly if she's younger than Susan, mostly because of the way One treats her. I also found the plot to be enjoyable enough, giving enough information to keep me curious, right up through the reveal about Bennett.

Favorite moments:
∗ Barbara learning how to open the TARDIS doors. And then rolls her eyes when One says something about opening the door when they're in "flight."
∗ Ian One = Comedy.

Favorite lines:
∗ Doctor, re: some comment by Ian on medicine: "It's a pity I didn't get that degree, eh?"
∗ Doctor: "We can travel anywhere and everywhere..."
∗ Vicki: "But it's huge! And... well, the outside is just... well.." The new companion reaction to the TARDIS never gets old. :-)

Random musings:
∗ So, when One fights Bennett... guns are bad... but swords are okay?
∗ The Dido survivors' sudden appearance... random, much?

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 1, for One's interactions with Vicki. He's absolutely adorable and sweet with her.

The Romans I'd watched this serial sometime about a year ago, but rewatched it as it's probably my earliest favorite Classic Who. (Disclaimer: I can't say that with complete certainty, since I haven't watched all of serials 1 - 10, but I do really enjoy this one!) For me it just feels similar to New Who, with the drama balanced with the humor and One's "involvement" with the course of history.

Favorite moments:
∗ Barbara and Ian have grown-up time. With teasing/flirting. And an Ian make-over! One more than one occasion during this serial did I write "They are so doing it" in my notes.
∗ The adorable little squeal Vicki makes when One says she can come with him to Rome. It was impossible to not smile along with her!
∗ The number of near-misses the characters have while they're separated. So close!
∗ One's use of the The Emperor's New Clothes, plus his specs, plus accidentally burning the map. :D

Favorite lines:
∗ Vicki: “My first real sight of history."

Random musings:
∗ "The art... The gentle art of fisticuffs..." So... It's my understanding this is one of the "Billy-fluffs"... Here's my question though: is the word gentle part of the scripted line or part of the fluff? Cause if it was scripted, I think I would have forgotten it, too...
∗ Okay, so, Vicki has an issue with Barbara killing her "pet" in The Rescue but thinks it's good fun to switch around poisoned drinks? Does this make any sense?

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: 3. (I'm sorry, TARDIS, but I chuckled when you "tumbled" over! Also, the "lightning" and the stock lion footage... LOL. Ah, good old special effects.)

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 2. Vicki and Barbara's costumes got a ♥. Plus, Nero got a ♥ too, even though he one-part amused me and one-part creeped me out.

The Web Planet Before I really begin, I should say, if you like this serial, you may not appreciate these comments. Or you may want to try to convince why I've overlooked the greatest serial ever...

The BBC's Classic Who Episode Guide says that this serial hasn't aged well and I have to say I agree. The serial did not work for me. at. all. Without any exaggeration I fell asleep during every episode of this serial. My short summary in my notes was The Web Planet: Giant insects, really f*cking annoying sound effects, and very little dialogue.

Despite all this, I did find the end of Ep. 4, all of Ep. 5, and the beginning of Ep. 6 to be reasonably captivating and thought the characters were well created enough that I was genuinely saddened by the massacre of the Menoptra spearhead.

Favorite moments:
∗ The Menoptra spearhead flying in was actually quite cool. (And, relatedly, I did like those costumes.)
∗ Zombie!One and Zombie!Vicki. But not! Cause Vicki's clever!
∗ One and Vicki and the pet Zarbi named Zombo. :D
∗ Both Vicki and Barbara trying so hard to kill the Animus. And Barbara succeeding! Go, Barbara!
∗ The Optra "jumping" for joy. :-)

Favorite lines:
∗ Barbara, suggesting she should give the TARDIS a "jolly good spring clean."
∗ Vicki, on encountering the Animus: "Leave us alone you parasite!"

Random musings:
∗ The Doctor should really teach another member of team!TARDIS to drive. I realize this may not be feasible what with the whole genetic Time Lord/TARDIS connection or whatnot, but it would be handy at times.
∗ At some point the Menoptra call Barbara "Friend!Barbara" and I have to say I immediately thought of DoctorDonna!Friend!
∗ It is not pretty when giant insect beings cry.
∗ Was it just me or was the overall ending kind-of... a letdown? I mean, they killed the Animus and then... left.

Number of times I LOL'ed at this serial: At least 3. Definitely laughed once at the Prop Dept's expense, when the "gold" neck harness appears to be quite bendable during the "Battle of the Jewelry" as I called it. (See Ep. 5, when it's the gold harness versus the Doctor's Ring.) Also, I chuckled every time the Larvae/Grub creatures appeared (What can I say? They amused me!) especially when one got picked up and SQUASHED.

Number of times I said OMG during this serial: 2. Once, in Ep. 4, when the Optra appeared (my notes: "OMG, now there are, like, pill bugs?") and then again when the Menoptra were trying to distract the Zarbi by calling "ZARRRRRRRBI!"

Number of times I drew ♥'s in my notes: 5. Considering how much I disliked this serial, I had a surprising amount of love for it. Love mostly went to Barbara and Vicki. I was so proud of Vicki for not screaming at one moment when I was really expecting her to. And I adored Barbara admiring the temples... and then helping to draw up battle plans. And One literally petting Vicki? Definitely ♥ deserving.

That's all for now... I've just started The Crusade (one episode in!) and am enjoying it so far!

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