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Saturday, 28 February 2009 14:50
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  • Today marks my four-year anniversary on LJ. It's been a fun four years, spending it with all of you lovely people! I'm looking forward to the spending the next year with all of you, too! ♥

  • Also exciting, it is the end of February. February was a rough month, with work being crap, and being sick, and losing a pet, and on and on. I'm convinced March will be magically better. I can feel it.

  • Everyone should go visit (and comment on) the Gen Battle. There's a lot of great SPN and Torchwood fic over there. (And I wish I had more time to enjoy it right now!)

  • For anyone with an interest in Classic Who...

  • And now, I really must go get some work done for the day. Right after I catch up on a few comments... (Cause really, after procrastinating all morning, what's one more hour, right?)

1/3/09 18:19 (UTC)
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Wow, four years. Happy LJ aniversary, then. (I've done about 7 months, I think.)

Popping into to say hi - and that Classic Who friending Meme was a good idea, wasn't it? :-)

1/3/09 21:34 (UTC)
[identity profile] stellastars.livejournal.com
Hello! The Classic Who Friending Meme was an excellent idea!

And thank you for the anniversary wishes! I'm rather surprised to still be around LJ after four years -- I usually get distracted by other shiny things frequently!

May I ask what brought you to LJ? I joined up while searching out Harry Potter fic. ;-)

2/3/09 18:19 (UTC)
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I came on here mainly because I set up a blog for my family history stuff (here, if you're interested - you were the person who does Genealogy, weren't you?) and then ended up waffling about all the fanfic I was writing, which ruined the intention of the blog. ("Here, long-lost cousin, go to my blog and ... Oh, yes, you'll have to dodge my latest DW fanfic, but...")

So I decamped here, after reading lots of other peoples' via Teaspoon and after waffling to myself for the first couple of months, eventually found some very nice friends who were prepared to read said waffle.

3/3/09 01:30 (UTC)
[identity profile] stellastars.livejournal.com
Ahh, yes! Yep, I am the person who noticed the genealogy! I have often thought LJ has a lot of potential for sharing family history, but haven't really had the time to follow that up.

How long have you been working on your family history? I started about ten years ago, though most of the work I did on it was during the first five years.

I did something similar when joining LJ -- I sort-of lurked around in the shadows reading fic before deciding to get myself my own shiny journal. I have always been lucky with finding lovely people around LJ to talk with!

3/3/09 18:52 (UTC)
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It's been about 16 years now. I started for a school project, but I had a large gap in the middle and got serious again about 2002. I am currently writing fan fic when I should be typing in family history info, so I must pull myself together one of these days.. Heh.

5/3/09 00:34 (UTC)
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Wow, sixteen years! Very cool!

I wish I had known more about how to do genealogy properly when I first started; I really need to go back and revisit some of the sources I first started with and document information properly.

There are definitely gaps in my researching, too. I did quite a lot of work on it about a year ago, even requesting microfilmed records and such, but, yeah, between RL work and playing in fandom over the past year my efforts have tapered off.

5/3/09 10:29 (UTC)
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Heh. Not 16 years straight though and I didn't have clue what I was doing when I was 15. I just talked to relatves, collected certificates off them and wandered around cemeteries with my Mum. It was 7 years later before I so much as looked at a census entry!

Maybe you should find a friendly forum to keep you going (if you don't already)? I hang around here and we all help each other and talk about everything else under the sun, too. (It's a magazine forum, but we have a fair mix of people.) :-D

8/3/09 16:51 (UTC)
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*g* Yeah, I can relate to the wandering around in cemeteries! I really got started when the whole genealogy craze hit the internet with the familysearch.org (http://www.familysearch.org) site coming online. Fortunately, the library in my area has a really strong genealogy department so I could move away from the online records and use the original documents quite quickly!

Thanks for the link to the forum. I might look for something like that. I know there are a couple genealogy communities on LJ but I don't think they're all that active. I'm hoping to get back into it this summer, when my mom is on vacation, since we're working on her branches of the tree right now. We have two roles of microfilmed church records waiting for us, for whenever we get a moment to return to it!


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